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Class TEKS Report Science Key Vocabulary Assessment (SKeVA©) is a Progress Monitoring and Pre-Post Test system for improving learning in Science (grades 5 & 8) based on the concept of Key Word Vocabulary. Key word vocabulary is highly linked to academic achievement in content areas for all students, and particularly helpful for students who may be struggling to demonstrate their knowledge. Vocabulary words in SKeVA© come from text books, state standards, science teacher contributions, and relevant science curriculums. Items were validated by thousands of student users as well as successful use in school districts. SKeVA© users report higher scores on standardized exams. Studies observe that students spend more time on task and teachers report appreciation for useful formative data for instructional decision making.

Teachers select key vocabulary words within the SKeVA© system and automatic probes (tests) are generated, scored, and graphed for individuals and students. This system is available in English and Spanish (fifth grade only) with audio (English only, fifth grade only) for students who need additional support. SKeVA© items reduce test time and permit the tests to be used more frequently to improve instruction.

SKeVA© is immediate, sensitive to growth, and free for teachers.

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